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Monday, November 14, 2011

G-land surf camp

Plengkung is known as one of the best surfing beaches in the world. The word of “G” in “G-Land” derives from Grajagan, the name of the bay where the huge waves were found at the south of the Banyuwangi. It is surrounded by virgin tropical land forest. G land offers the worlds most demanding surfing sport, and recommended for professional surfers only. May to October is the best time for surfing. No doubt it is a world of surfer paradise. Most surfers start from Bali, take an overland to Banyuwangi and directly to National Park of Alas Purwo, G-Land or cross the Grajagan Bay to Plengkung beach where the waves challenge invite the surfers. However it is not recommended for novices.There are some simple cottages and a jungle camp available by the beach.
Recreational facilities
Plengkung is located on the south coast of Banyuwngi the eastest of Fast Java. The visitor can visit Plengkung overland. To reach Plengkung can be taken in two ways:
* Overland. Banyuwangi-Kalipahit (59km)by bus Kalipahit Pasaranyar (3km) by ojek or rent a car, Pasaranyar-Trianggulasi (12km), Trianggulasi-Pancur-Plengkung/G-Land.
* Overland-sea : Banyuwangi-Benculuk (35km) by bus, Benculuk Grajagan (18km) by bus or public transportation, Grajagan-Plengkung by speedboat,
Both ways to Plengkung are OK, if the visitors choose the second way, they can spend the night at Grajagan and enjoy the view before continue the journey to Plengkung.Green Landscape in 
G-Land of Forest Purwo Conservatory
Banyuwangi is located at coordinates 7.43 ° – 8.46 ° latitude and 113.53 ° – 114.38 ° East 
G-Land Surf Point
G-Land is world renown, and has been in numerous surf videos and even host to a few star world professional events, bring the worlds best together to compete in the recently voted third best surf destination in the world. The two mile long left hand reef is divided up into four main sections; Kongs, Money Trees, Launch Pads, Speedies or 20/20′s which each section have own characteristic. From March to November many strong swells around Indian Ocean toward G-Land that makes these surf spot very consistent. You need to bring a right size of surf board and find the right part of the reef you are going to surf.Kongs is the first break way up the point and very rarely drops below three feet (most of time is 12 feet and more) a slower mellower break compared to what waits down the line, Kong’s produces long workable walls, that yes can connect with the next section a couple of hundred yards down the three, Money Three’s. (Surf board suggested in this section is 6’8″ – 7’2″ Gun).Money Trees is the most consistently surfed section of the reef. Famous for its fast workable walls and emerald green, almond shaped barrels. More protected by seasonal trades than Kong’s. It sheer beauty winds down the reef for another couple of hudred yards before the real magic begins. (Surf board suggested is 6’8″ – 7’0″ Gun).Launch Pads is the name given for the take off point leading into Speedies, which could lead you into one of your longest barrels ever. Famous for its long spinning barrels, Speedies is G-Land, and if you score it on its day, you’ll understand why. (Surf board suggested is 6’8″ – 7’2″ Gun).For the not so advancedBeyond what people is lead to believe, G-Land offers a lot more breaks than just the world famous main point, not as heavy, but just beautiful, and regularly empty. (Surf board suggested is 6’3″ – 6’5″).20/20′s: The Left is an amazingly great quality wave, just twenty minutes stroll down the picturesque empty white sand beach. Always smaller than the main break, it can throw out forgiving barrels and fun playful walls than wind down the 100 m long reef, before filling up in the deep channel The Right: not as long as its sister facing directly opposite, and generally needing a bit more swell, on the right swell it will throw out perfect horse shoeing barrels.Tiger Tracks: Another thirty minutes walk down the pristine deserted white sandy beach, will lead you too a natural footers dream. Empty Right Barrels. Picking up almost the same swell size as he main point and breaking over forgiving sponge reef, Tiger tracks can make your trip to G-Land one remember on its own, been a very good learning wave.